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NGH Savings Plan

  • The NGH Savings plan has 4 categories of subscription.

    • Single Monthly Savings

    • Single Quarterly Savings

    • Group Monthly Savings

    • Group Quarterly Savings


  • The Single plans are valid for only 1 user.

  • The Group plans are valid for only 5 users.

  • The NGH Savings Plan enables you to get a higher room discount on any of our available rooms on the website.

  • The room discounts are only valid for active subscriptions.

  • The plan also qualifies you to be a premium user of our services.

  • Premium users always benefits from special promo offers at the guest house.

  • Premium users are rewarded with points which can be used to claim our Loyalty rate.

  • When you subscribe to a plan for the first time, an account number is issued to you.

  • This account number is not transferable and can only be used by the account holder.

  • The savings subscription is non-refundable after successful usage of its services or 24 hours after subscription payment.

  • Room discounts are generated by inputting your account number into the ‘Coupon Code’ when making your room reservations.

  • Failure to pay the discounted room rate on the day booked will revert to the full rate.

  • Subscriptions can be renewed before the expiry date.

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